What’s in My Makeup Bag, by Laura Whitmore

We are incredibly excited to welcome TV presenter Laura Whitmore as our new beauty columnist. A true chameleon, she has this enviable ability to pull off any hairstyle or makeup look while totally owning it. Each month Laura will let us in on her skincare tips, makeup tricks and how she incorporates wellness into her beauty regime, too!



Liz Matthews PR

Hi Byrdie readers, for my first column I wanted to share the contents of my makeup bag—it seemed like a good place to start! 

A woman's makeup bag is like a little secret treasure chest at times—the contents extremely important and ultimately cherished. In the past few years, my little treasure chest has become a finely honed personal selection of beauty must-haves.

When it comes to what goes on my face, the most important thing is undoubtedly how I treat my skin! For work, I have to regularly wear studio makeup, and in the past, I've had all types of things go wrong—including skin reactions. When you're on the telly it's the last thing you want… and come to think of it, in life in general. I’ve learned over the years that knowing where your beauty products come from is just as important as the information we demand about where our food is sourced.

I also work with some of the best makeup artists and have managed to pick up some great tips along the way… All of which are reflected in my makeup bag.