Wear This Highlighter for Radiant Skin All Winter

I’m sorry, but you need to be reminded: Winter is coming. I know, yawn, right? While you’d be wise to stock up on emollient-rich, hydrating skincare now to keep dry skin at bay, sometimes you need to fake it. You know, that radiance we’ve taken for granted throughout the summer months? This highlighter will save your bacon, it will make you look well-rested and fighting fit (read: totally together in life). Yes, highlighter can do that. Keep scrolling to find out more about Laura Geller’s highlighting duo…

I’m a bit noncommittal when it comes to highlighters. I’ll apply them when I remember (usually when I’m nursing a hangover that I need to hide), but Laura Geller’s Baked Split Highlighter Duo with Brush (£30) has been welcomed into my makeup bag and is ruling the roost.

The major difference is that it’s baked, which means it started life as a cream and was then cooked to dry it out. The result on your skin is a velvety, lightweight texture that melts seamlessly for a glow-from-within effect. Being a powder, as opposed to a cream, it’s easy to control where it goes. One half is sheer, and the other is shimmery, and to be honest, I don’t prefer one texture to the other; I just love them both in equal measure for their ability to make my face look more alive. I use the sponge applicator to pat them onto high points. You know the drill: cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and a little on my chin and forehead. I then let the compliments roll in, and they will. Expect plenty of “Ooh, your skin looks great!” and “Have you had a facial?” But don’t thank them or me; thank Laura and her highlighter.

Next up! The miraculous high-shine lipstick that lasts all day.