I'm Never Getting Lash Extensions Again Thanks to This Genius At-Home Product

Like an hourglass figure or the ability to save any of my Chipotle bowl for later, long, fluttery lashes are something I gave up on having a long time ago. But acceptance does not mean admitting defeat, and over the years, I've tried everything under the sun to fake a doe-eyed look. Lash serums? Done that—I found that they helped with length but not with volume. Eyelash extensions? Had them for a year and a half and then was so traumatised by the broken, stubby state of my bare lashes when I got them off that I've rarely gotten them since, even though I love the way they look. Every mascara under the sun, all promising me the world? Like people who have an inability to commit, most of them fell far short of their promises. (Benefit Badgal Bang and Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir were two of the few that didn't disappoint). When it comes to long lashes, some might call me an obsessive—though, I prefer the term "devoted fan." So when I met with the founder of a company called Lashify who promised me her at-home lash-extension product was groundbreaking, my thin, barely-there lashes and I were more than intrigued. Spoiler alert: I'm never getting lash extensions again.