Lara Stone Never Wears This Beauty Staple

Of all the things that we expected Lara Stone to say that she doesn't wear, we never thought it would be perfume. Deep purple lips, definitely. Bright green nails, sure. But not perfume. However, that's exactly what she revealed in a recent interview. Speaking to Harpers Bazaar, in response to the question "What's your signature scent?" she replied, "I don't really wear perfume, ever." 

This comes as quite a surprise (call us naive, we genuinely thought most love perfume), however, that doesn't mean Stone isn't immune to the powers of other beauty products. And if we were wanting to steal a few top model secrets then happily we can do that, as she divulged her beauty tips too.

Keep scrolling for our pick of Lara Stone's best beauty secrets and shop some of her favourite products below.



Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Like all models, Stone has incredible skin. Her overnight therapy for a great complexion is that she uses L'Oréal Paris' Detox Clay Mask (£5), she sleeps in it as "draws out the toxins overnight." For her skin to look its best, she needs a good moisturiser, and we couldn't agree more (if you have oily skin check out our best moisturisers for oily skin). However, she does say that she'll layer with a serum in the morning but an oil at night.

For her daily makeup look, she opts for a bit of mascara and a BB cream, the L'Oréal Paris's Youth Luminize Code BB Cream SPF15 (£8). But she's also partial to a smoky eye as she says she's "too clumsy for a red lip."

Finally, while she admits it's boring, she says that the best advice is to drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep and don't smoke. We couldn't agree more, Lara.