6 Reasons You Need to Revisit This French Brand for Your Next Foundation

It normally takes one of two things to turn a beauty product into a genuine cult buy—delivering top-notch results in a well-carved niche, or garnering endless shoutouts from big-time A-listers. While some buzzy new makeup brands rising up the ranks of Instagram manage to nail one or other, OG beauty house Lancôme has long enjoyed both.

That’s why when Fenty Beauty dropped its epic line of foundation shades, conversations around it still included references to Lancôme’s offering—they’ve had one of the largest shade ranges on shelves for years. It’s also why you’ll find a Lancôme foundation in the kit of most celebrity MUAs: You can’t compromise on coverage when your clients are hitting the red carpet, and this brand delivers.

If you needed any more convincing that it’s time to take another look at Lancôme foundations, just check out the stats: One Teint Idole stick foundation is sold every two seconds, while a Teint Idole liquid foundation flies off the shelf every 20 seconds. That’s at least 47,520 new Lancôme foundations hitting makeup bags around the world every single day—and we’ve only done the maths for the brand’s top two sellers.

With that fact in mind, we’ve created your ultimate guide to the best Lancôme foundations. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about your next makeup purchase.