The Little-Known French Pharmacy Brand You Need on Your Radar

You know your French pharmacy brands, right? You know your Avènes from your La Roche-Posays? How about SVR? Nope, we hadn't heard of it either. But this little-known French pharmacy brand has been around since the early '60s and is big news in France. Much like the Gallic brands we're familiar with, SVR has simple packaging and different ranges for different skin concerns. Luckily for us, we don't have to jump on the Eurostar to get our hands on the products, as they're stocked on both Feelunique and Lookfantastic.

The tagline for the brand is "Prescribed by dermatologists. Developed by pharmacists. Loved by all the family," so you know you're in good hands. Tempted to try SVR? To help you work your way around the confusing names like Xérial and Clarial, we called on the brand to share its 10 best-selling products. I suggest you peruse the list, shop the products and make like the best kind of French stereotype by having a pampering evening with your SVR picks, some lots of vin rouge and a hefty cheese plate.