So Is La Mer Foundation Really Worth the £90 Spend?

La Mer's makeup is seriously luxe and comes with a price tag to match. But is it worth the spend? I decided to try the foundation to see whether it could sway me away from the more affordable options out there. Spoiler alert: I was impressed.

Earlier this year I headed to La Mer's HQ on Long Island, New York, to discover the secrets of La Mer and its mysterious skin-rejuvenating Miracle Broth. The insights I gleaned (and you can read all about my trip to La Mer here) was that the potent Miracle Broth has some pretty impressive skin-boosting benefits and, despite the secrecy surrounding the substance, the results and return custom speaks volumes. Every single product contains the Miracle Broth, including the foundation so you're gaining serious skin benefits like line softening and hydration-boosting while you're wearing your makeup. 

The foundation, as the name suggests, has a fluid consistency that feels as light as air on the skin, but that's not to say it doesn't offer good coverage. It's quite miraculous in that it evened out my complexion, concealing pigmentation and blemishes pretty effectively without masking my skin. I asked a couple of colleagues what they thought, and one said it made my face "look expensive." It's the makeup equivalent of carrying a really great designer handbag that can make a high-street outfit look far more luxe. I used a flat-top brush to apply the foundation, but I can imagine this gliding on with ease whether you were using your fingers or a Beautyblender