Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kit Colour Is NOT What We Expected

Are your lips ready? Kylie Jenner, possessor of the world’s most overanalyzed pair of lips, has just announced a new addition to her Lip Kit collection. A refresher: The liquid lipstick and liner kits launched back in December with three shades of nude, from pink-taupe to straight-up brown, and induced millions of tears and angry tweets as they immediately sold out and started selling for exorbitant amounts of money on eBay. Jenner promised she would be restocking soon, which she did and then some. According to her Instagram, she will be launching three new colours in a special Valentine’s collection that also boasts “a new, very exclusive formula.” More importantly, the first shade from the new collection is quite unexpected from the nude-lip queen: It’s pink. Not nude pink, not beige pink, but straight-up, unabashedly in-your-face pink:

Perhaps Jenner heard our decree that pink is every cool girl’s favourite lip colour. More likely, she’s simply being a smart businesswoman and realising her signature taupe doesn’t necessarily flatter every skin tone (this beauty editor can attest to that—tear). We’ll be eagerly awaiting the next two colours in the V-Day collection. Fingers crossed for lavender.

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What shades do you want Jenner to release next? Sound off below.