Kylie Jenner Shows Us Exactly How to Use Her Kyshadow Palette

On Monday Kylie Jenner dropped the biggest beauty news—that she was launching an eye shadow palette. After some investigative work, we realised she bought the names Kyshadow, Kybrow and Kyliner, so it was anyone's guess as to which product she would launch first. But, behold Kyshadow The Bronze Palette…


#KYSHADOW Bronze Palette @kyliecosmetics

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The palette went on sale at midnight on Tuesday and sold out in one minute, crazy huh?! Of course Kylie will be restocking the palette and we're expecting more colour-ways to launch too. In the meantime, in a move we could have only expected from the snap queen, Jenner gave her fans a comprehensive look at the new Kyshadow palette by way of a step-by-step tutorial so when you do finally get your hands on one you'll know exactly what to do with it. Check it out below: