Kylie Jenner Has Yet Another Launch for You to Get Excited About

With a new day brings yet another launch from Kylie Jenner and her Kylie Cosmetics brand. Not that we're complaining. Over the weekend, the reality star revealed that she's set to offer up a special limited-edition makeup kit, in honour of her birthday (she turns 19 next week). 

Last week Jenner, as you might recall, let it be known to her millions of followers on Snapchat and Instagram that she had created a whole new line of makeup to add to her already phenomenally successful lip kits. The big reveal came last Monday evening, with the new product being unveiled as an eye shadow palette named Kyshadow (what else?). Unsurprisingly, considering the success of her previous cosmetics, the palette sold out in under a minute. 

But thankfully, those who want to get their Kylie Cosmetics fix needn't despair; the makeup mogul is releasing her limited-edition package today. This special version will include some miniature lip kits, as well as a previously unseen Kyliner kit and a couple of new single Kyshadows in copper and rose gold.

And as we're constantly on Snapchat, we were able to bring you all the news about what the birthday edition will include and when you can get hold of it.

Keep scrolling to find out all the news on Kylie Jenner's latest makeup launch and how you can buy it.




Perhaps the most important point is that the whole shebang will be available to shop today from at 11 p.m. (3 p.m. PST) this evening, which means you'll have to set your alarms. But if you can't wait that long, check out some of our favourite cream eyeshadows below.

What are you excited about trying from Kylie Jenner's new launch? Tell us in the comments!