7 Truly Useful Beauty Tips We've Learned From Kylie Jenner

Last night, Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat (and then Instagram) to reveal her latest shocking hair transformation: vibrant, fire engine–red locks woven into braids. FWIW, the look ultimately turned out to be a wig. But either way, could there possibly be a more fitting way for the famed beauty chameleon to kick off her 19th birthday?

No matter your thoughts on Jenner, there's one thing that remains undeniable: The girl lives and breathes beauty. Her Snapchat feed is a constant stream of genius makeup and skincare tips. Every red carpet look is less predictable than the last. Her hair has been just about every color of the rainbow at some point or another. Oh, and then there are those perpetually sold-out Lip Kits.

So in honor of her b-day, we thought it only appropriate to count down some of her most valuable beauty tips. Keep reading to see what they are.