Dry Skin? Try These Korean Skincare Hacks

It’s time for another report from the land of women with flawless skin—namely, Korea. Alicia Yoon, co-founder of Peach and Lily and intrepid Korean beauty expert, is here to share five skincare hacks she picked up on her previous trip overseas. Read on!

A large part of our mission at Peach and Lily is educating and empowering people to take better care of their skin, whether it’s through sharing easy-to-apply tips and insightful information from beauty-forward countries like Korea, or, of course, curating products from Asia and bringing them stateside.

I travel to Korea often to stay up to date with the latest beauty innovations and to pick the best products (and content) to share in the U.S. Some of the most illuminating and fascinating conversations happen when I meet with the Korean beauty brands’ Research & Development teams. These R&D teams not only know the science of beauty and skin inside and out, but also have a pulse on the market of what Korean products women are seeking, along with the beauty habits these women have.

Given that skincare is notoriously challenging in frigid weather, many of our conversations in my recent trip back revolved around winter skincare—namely, how to ensure your skin looks glowing even in the face of freezing temps.


Ahead are my five favourite easy, effective Korean winter skincare hacks. Keep scrolling to see what they are!