5 Incredible Skin Secrets, Straight From the Streets of Korea

You may remember Alicia Yoon as one of the experts from our story about the Korean 10-step skincare regimen, or our beginner’s guide to Asian skincare products. Yoon and fellow Peach and Lily co-founder, Cindy Kim, are fountains of knowledge when it comes to the best in Asian beauty—which is often light years ahead of the US when it comes to innovations and trends (see: BB creams, overnight masks, the dewy skin trend, the list goes on). When Yoon offered to do some on-the-street beauty reporting during her trip to South Korea last month, we yelled “Yes!” and eagerly awaited the results—keep reading for her full report!

As the co-founder of Peach and Lily, a NYC-based online retailer that curates the latest cult beauty favourites from Korea and Japan, the best part of my job is going hunting in the ever-changing, innovative beauty landscape in Korea.

To curate fresh products for each trip, the first stop is getting the raw scoop from skin-savvy Korean women—family, friends, even women on the streets! The next stop is speaking to all the experts: beauty houses, dermatologists, beauty R&D labs, and estheticians. Beyond that, Peach and Lily will rigorously vet every formulation, and even interview the selected brands’ R&D and executive teams to ensure quality. Finally, a whittled-down selection of products is sent to the US and extensively focus group-tested. Only 5 per cent of products ultimately make the cut onto our site!

Here’s a glimpse into the first step of our lengthy curation process: talking to women on the streets of Seoul and learning about their favourite beauty products, tips, and secrets! Keep scrolling for five tips from real Korean women that might just change your skincare game forever.