These Korean Nail Trends Are Going to Be Huge in 2017

Korean nail art has been blowing up our Instagram and Pinterest feeds—and it's impossible to look away. From the shattered-glass nail phenomenon that exploded in 2016 to the latest iterations (which we'll get to in a bit), South Korea has been serving up the most mesmerising manicures we've ever seen. Last year we witnessed a captivating collection of nail aesthetics, from the aforementioned broken-glass technique to stone nails to bracelet nails to Aurora nails.

Just like any trend, what's hot in the world of nail art also comes and goes with the seasons, so we turned to the experts to ask what we can expect to see in the world of Korean nail art in 2017. We tapped Korean beauty experts Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe and Peach and Lily's Alicia Yoon to spill their predictions about the fascinating trends that will soon be invading our feeds. They told us which popular styles will have staying power going into the New Year and what new directions to expect. Both cited the influence of South Korea's premier nail artist Eunkyung Park, owner of Seoul's Unistella Salon and the mastermind behind many of these otherworldly creationsWe've rounded up Park's most mesmerising creations to illustrate Lee's and Yoon's trend predictions. Get ready to obsess.

See below for the lineup of Korean nail trends you're about to see everywhere in 2017.