5 Korean Beauty Trends That Are About to Be Huge


Getty/Melodie Jeng/Contributor

When it comes to predicting the next big things in beauty, we look to Korea. It’s the place that gave us stellar, news-worthy trends like BB creams, which were all anyone could talk about back in 2011; sheet masks, which have become a staple for many UK brands and cushion compacts, which launched as foundations but are now taking over the colour category with blushers and bronzers.

What’s so great about K-beauty products is that they combine just the right amount of gimmick to get us excited, but back it up with solid innovation. The result? We fall head over heels with the idea of the products and then keep going back to them because they actually deliver on their promises. Our enthusiasm for Korean beauty trends and innovations is showing no signs of waning, so here at Byrdie, we wanted to know what the next big K-beauty trend will be.

To get the answer, we called on three K-beauty influencers to reveal the products they predict will be the next big things, keep scrolling to be in the know…