Kim Kardashian Goes Completely Makeup-Free for Spanish Vogue

Kim Kardashian has her makeup look down pat. Sculpted contour, smoky eyes, thick lashes, and a nude lip have become her signature, and her millions of fans have eagerly followed suit (to which we have one thing to say: blend, blend, blend). While other stars have embraced a more natural look alongside the rise of the no-makeup makeup trend, Kim has stayed firmly eschewed in the “more is more” camp—until now. This morning, she shared an Instagram photo with her almost 40 million followers, showing her new cover for Vogue Spain—in which she is completely makeup-free, at least according to the caption. She writes, “Vogue Spain Cover! We did this whole shoot without makeup! Can't wait for you to see it!”

Photographer Theo Wenner is responsible for the surprisingly subdued cover photo. Also somewhat surprising is that Kardashian doesn’t look that much different without her go-to contour—it isn’t as drastic a transformation as, say, Nicki Minaj’s 2013 Elle cover. The one thing you do notice more than Kim Kardashian’s makeup-free face is the giant—and we mean giant—wedding ring, which shines brightly like a, well, diamond, right smack-dab in the middle of the cover. Because at the end of the day, even without makeup, Kim Kardashian is still Kim Kardashian. 

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