Watch Kim Kardashian West Do Her Own Makeup for a Night Out


Getty/Gilbert Carrasquillo

Lest you think she only relies on the expertise of makeup artist Mario Dedavanovic and the rest of her glam team, Kim Kardashian West is here to prove that she's quite skilled at doing her own makeup, thankyouverymuch—not that we're suprised. Earlier this month, Kardashian West let fans take a look inside her personal makeup routine, by way of a video showing her prepping for a night out to husband Kanye's show in Toronto.

As could have probably been expected, there's lots of contouring and a multitude of products involved in her 10-minute routine (though admittedly we expected it to be a little lengthier). Less expected, on the other hand, is a major hint she casually sneaks in there while adding a little luminescence to her face. While she's quick to call out most of the products she's using, she suddenly gets very secretive. "I put a little bit of highlighter… or, I'm not gonna tell you guys because I have some exciting things coming out." DO TELL, KIM.

We thought Kylie had the Kardashian-Jenner monopoly on all things makeup but is Kim teasing a line of her own? Or is it just a must-know highlighting makeup tutorial to come on her app? Watch the video below and see what you can make of it yourself.