The Kardashians’ Hair Guru Shares Her #1 Tip for Healthy Hair

We live in an age where hairstylists and makeup artists have become celebrities in their own right—and none so much as Kardashian hair guru Jen Atkin. Having worked with the lovely and knowledgeable Atkin on many a hair shoot ourselves, our ears perked up when we heard she was starting a series of hair classes (aptly named Mane Addicts University, after her website Mane Addicts) that divulge the tricks she uses to get Kim’s hair just the right amount of tousled or Kendall’s high pony so sleek. caught up with Atkin before her first class this Sunday, with model-favourite hairstylist Harry Josh, and asked her some pressing hair questions. Other than the fact that she doesn’t even tell her husband the things she finds out while working on various clients’ hair (the news usually comes out in gossip magazines months later, she says), we also discovered one surprising bit of advice: namely, that Jen Atkin thinks you should cut your hair less. “The number one thing you can do is not cut your hair as often,” she tells “People say cut your hair every eight weeks? No. Go every four months. You’ll be surprised; your hair might be so much easier.” Suffice it to say, we are shocked and flabbergasted—and also slightly thrilled by this proclamation. Though Atkin didn’t give a reason she thinks you should cut your hair less, we still embrace her advice with open arms (and a much happier wallet). 

As for more hair wisdom, Atkin also says that the two other areas you can skimp on when it comes to hair products are mousse and shampoo; she says clients with oily hair can easily get by with a drugstore shampoo. When it comes to conditioners and hair tools, however, she says it’s best to bite the bullet and spend on a more luxe product (try Rahua’s Omega 9 Hair Mask, $58, or Oribe's Gold Lust Transformative Mask, $62). 

You can catch more of Atkin’s hair wisdom by signing up for one of her Mane Addicts University classes. Then, shop our curated selection of the best products for thick hair

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