This Is What Happens When You Eat Like Kim Kardashian for a Week

With trendy new diets cropping up almost daily, separating truth from fiction can feel harder than navigating the kombucha aisle. Can a three-day raw food diet really help clear your acne? Will chugging a magic shake once a day give you a body like Bella Hadid’s? Probably not, but we’re game to try everything and report on the results (no need to thank us—we consider it our civic duty). Which leads us to the topic of Kim Kardashian West—more specifically, her post-pregnancy body and the diet she credits for it. After shedding 60 pounds following Saint’s birth like it was no big deal, Kardashian West revealed the exact meal plan she followed: the low-carb, fat-burning diet dubbed Atkins. Our co-founder Hillary Kerr and editorial director Faith Xue decided to try Kim’s post-pregnancy diet for seven days… with very different results.

Keep scrolling to find out what it’s like to eat like Kim Kardashian West for a week, from two different perspectives.