Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Super-Strict Food Diary



Khloe Kardashian is perhaps the greatest #fitspo for women who want to get in their personal best shape for fall. And while we’re well aware of her intense daily workout routine with her trainer, we know that working out only goes so far if your diet isn’t in line with your health goals.

Inside Khloe’s new book, Stronger Looks Better Naked ($16), the reality star is coming clean about her healthy eating habits, as well as her one remaining vice —coffee, black. Though we still wonder if she’s a fan of trendy, more substantial coffee like Blue Bottle’s Giant Steps ($16).

Khloe’s Joy of Cooking book admission includes some obvious things like having a protein shake for breakfast and a large consumption of nuts, veggies, and water, but there are some shockers in there, too. Like her pre-bed dairy snack. Le gasp! We suppose she needs something at night if she’s working out that hardcore in the morning on an empty stomach.

Head on over to Cosmopolitan to see Khloe’s complete eight-step food diary, and let us know what you think. Too extreme? Or worth it, if it results in an insane body like Khloe’s? Sound off below!

Opening Image: Getty