Get The Look: Keri Russell's Flawless Complexion

Rocking a faux glow isn’t always easy, but Keri Russell made it look effortless on the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. So, how exactly did she pull it off? Celebrity makeup artist, Tina Turnbow, let us in on the secret to the beauty’s luminescent look.

After cleansing and toning Russell’s face, Turnbow massaged Juara’s Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer ($49) into her skin, giving her a clear canvas to work with. “Moisturizing is a really important step to the look we want to achieve,” she says. To hydrate Russell’s skin further and give her a touch of dewiness, she applied Juara’s Sweet Black Tea Eye Crème ($38) on top of her cheekbones.

Inspired by Russell’s Monique Lhuillier A-line ‘50s-style black skirt and white top, Turnbow opted for a modern ‘50s look in the makeup department. First, she primed Russell’s eyelids with a light linen eyeshadow, then reached for Votre Vu’s Le Joli Crayon in Charbon ($23) to emphasise her eyes. Next, she drew a line from the inner corner out with a small flick at the end, then smudged it in the outer corner and into the crease. Turnbow tells us that this opens up the eye more than if you were to just draw a straight line. To add more colour to the look, she highlighted Russell’s cheekbones with Votre Vu’s Vu-On Rouge ($29) in Amourette, r tapping the lip-cheek duo into the center of Russell’s red-painted lips, which, she says, “popped the colour a bit and looked really fun!”

The final touch to Russell’s dreamy complexion? Turnbow gave Russell’s skin yet another boost by massaging Juara’s Tiare Jasmine Tea Body Milk ($30) into her skin. “The smell was so amazing and Keri absolutely loved it!”