The Keratin Treatment That Made My Real Lashes Look as Good as Falsies

If I had to pick a spirit animal, it would be a doe. Not for their grace or gorgeous coat, but—you guessed it—the eyelashes. Over the past few years, my obsession with lashes has grown in tandem with the increased prevalence of eyelash extensions. Everyone from influencers like Emily Weiss and Chiara Ferragni to celebrities like Selena Gomez and Naomi Campell have had them, and there’s no denying how transformative and dramatic they can be for your overall beauty look. I started to feel like me and my best eyelash curler—Utowa, in case you were wondering—just couldn’t compete, so I jumped on the bandwagon and got my first (and last) set of lash extensions.

While I was obsessed with how they looked, the upkeep outweighed my newfound ability to create a breeze at the bat of a lash. I couldn’t shower how I wanted to (hot water to the face, please), sleep how I wanted to (pillow burrower), and they started to look less-than-lovely after only a week. My lash glory came and went, and I got by for the next couple of years with my curler and mascara of choice, Too Faced’s Better Than Sex.

I had accepted my lashes for what they were and had mostly moved on, that is until one late night cruising Instagram when I came across some wildly shocking before and after eyelash pictures. I immediately did research on the account, Elysee Beauty, and learned people flew in from around the country just to get her treatment: a Yumi keratin lash lift. It seemed too good to be true: the look of falsies but with your natural lashes? My old lash envy was instantly reignited and I had to try this treatment. Within a week, I was in Elysee’s salon ready for the first day of the rest of my lash-rich life.

Scroll down to see the striking before and after pictures and read my review.