Keratin Hair Treatments Have Stood the Test of Time, But Are They Right for You?

There's something so deeply satisfying about a post-salon hair swish. However, it's a joy that unfortunately only lasts until your next wash or until the weather takes a turn for the worst. When you're clocking in serious hours at the salon, you undoubtedly want them to count. You want that salon look to last as long as humanly possible, right? Well, a keratin hair treatment will definitely help you achieve just that.

You know the way your hair looks after an intense deep-conditioning session? That's what a keratin treatment will do, but rather than a few hours or days, the effect will last for months.

While keratin treatments—which are sometimes called Brazilian blowouts or blow-dries—are famed for creating super-smooth, shiny hair on the surface, it's worth knowing that they're essentially an intense form of styling. In horror story situations, they can leave you with fried and damaged strands. But not if you do your research, however. We wanted to find out more about the treatment from someone in the know, so we spoke with Matt Hawes, creative master stylist at Josh Wood Colour Atelier. He gave us the lowdown on keratin hair treatments.