These Are Without a Doubt Kendall Jenner's Best Hair Looks

Kendall Jenner isn't a celebrity who's known for her hair transformations (unlike her sister Kylie, who seems to debut a new hair colour every week—and sometimes twice in one week, like she did just a few days ago at Coachella). The biggest leap Kendall has ever taken with her raven-haired locks was probably chopping them off to a lob length a few years back. Since then, it's remained as is (i.e., staying dark and healthy and sitting right above her supermodel shoulders). But we're not mad: Even with the same haircut, she mixes it up runway after runway, red carpet after red carpet and event after event. Whether she's wearing her hair in a model-off-duty messy bun or a high and slick up 'do at Cannes, she gives us a good dose of hairstyle inspiration wherever she goes. How does that saying go, again? Oh yeah, simplicity is elegance. In her case, that's a saying that certainly rings true.