The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Kendall Jenner's Doppelgänger



Doppelgängers are a strange phenomenon. We’re raised and told we’re special little snowflakes, after all, so the thought that there’s someone out there who looks just like us is jarring, at the very least. (Or even weirder, you could just sit next to your twin on a plane, like this guy did.) Celebrity doppelgängers are even more fascinating: Do they get mistaken on the street? Are they constantly fielding selfie requests from strangers? Well, you can go ahead and ask 17-year-old Louisa Johnson, an X Factor UK contestant who 1) Simon Cowell approves of and 2) happens to resemble Jenner in the uncanniest way. Or at least in this one photograph, which people are freaking out over:

Might Johnson be wearing Kendall’s lipstick shade, Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick ($30) in Restless, in that last photo? Is she surprised and/or flattered by the Internet’s comparison? Does she really care at all, or is she more focused on her music? (Most likely the latter.) Should Jenner wear a pink wig always? (Yes.) So many questions—but we’ll allow you to return to your regularly scheduled programming now.

What do you think—does Johnson resemble Jenner? Sound off below!