So THIS Is What Kendall Jenner Looks Like as a Blonde

There are certain people whose identity is so associated with a specific hair colour, you almost can't imagine them any other way. Think: Gwen Stefani's platinum, Angelina Jolie's chocolate, and Gisele's sandy beach blond. As a quintessential raven-haired beauty who calls to mind all-American looks (à la Brooke Shields and Hilary Rhoda), Kendall Jenner has fallen squarely into the "forever brunette" camp, with nary a blond baby highlight in sight. But when her sister (aka Kim K.) went platinum earlier this year, our minds expanded a little. We began to wonder what Jenner might look like with platinum blond hair, and now, thanks to Fendi, our question has been answered. 

Last week, the fashion label Instagrammed a behind-the-scenes shot of Jenner and model Lily Donaldson—the two of them "swapping" hair colours (Donaldson went dark, and Jenner totally blond). Each model also showed off a seriously thick cat-eye with killer brows. Though the Internet went crazy wondering if Jenner had actually taken the peroxide plunge, a closer look reveals that the lighter locks are, in fact, a wig. We daresay Jenner looks like a dead ringer for Khaleesi, and she pulls off the look beautifully! We kind of wish she'd go blond for real and answer the age-old question: Do blondes have more fun?

What do you think? Do you like Kendall Jenner as a blond? Sound off in the comments below, and click here for the hair products every blonde needs!