Kendall Jenner Tells Us Her Best Beauty Secrets (and Everything She Eats)

We’re excited to debut our new series, The Close-Up, where we take a closer look at celebrities, influencers, and pop culture phenomena. You’ve read about them on the Internet and clipped their photos out of magazines—but now you’ll have the chance to get to know them personally through fun Polaroids, handwritten beauty advice, product recommendations, and so much more.

We all feel like we know Kendall Jenner, yes? The 20-year-old model has 64.5 million followers on Instagram and just recently joined Snapchat (with the help of a true social media pro, her sister Kylie). I’ve watched her keel over laughing with her sisters and fight just as hard on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I peer up at her picture on billboards in SoHo and Times Square on a weekly basis.

And yet there’s still an air of mystery around her. She seems effortless in her beauty and strangely unaffected by her fame. As Michael Kors told Vogue, “She’s sophisticated but laid-back. She’s both. She’s chic. She’s the Ali MacGraw for the Instagram generation.”