Your Grandma's Favourite Beauty Product Just Got a Modern Makeover

Cleanser is arguably the least sexy area of the skincare world. Serums are where the fancy ingredients are paraded; moisturisers are the steadfast lovers we remain eternally loyal to. Cleansers, on the other hand, are merely functional entities, our admiration for which is as fleeting as their time spent on our faces. The thing is, though, that I believe cleansers are actually so much more than a means to a cleaner end.

Two reasons: Firstly, cleansing is undoubtedly the most satisfying step of your entire skincare regimen, bar the peeling back of Dr. Dennis Gross's rubberized mask, of course. (All that melty, creamy, massage-y goodness!) Secondly, when picked right, cleansers won't just take away all the crap the day has thrown at it, but they'll add a little something-something back in, too, like the hydration of a nut oil or the strength of a lingering ceramide. In fact, the most conscientious of cleansers have a legacy that lasts far longer than we give them credit for.