Kate Mara Joins the Cool Kids, Goes Platinum

Going platinum is no small thing. The process itself takes hours, it’s a bitch to maintain, and it requires a dramatic overhaul of both wardrobe and beauty routine. But Kate Mara, who’s kicking off a very busy awards season at the Golden Globes Sunday night, debuted a blunt, blonde bob in Los Angeles yesterday and we’ll go ahead and add it to the very long list of reasons to consider lightening up this year. 

"We took her blonde two or three months ago," colourist Denis De Souza says of the House of Cards actress. "She had to be a natural blonde for an upcoming movie, but when she came back for a touchup she said, 'I don't mind going a little lighter,'—so we did!" Turns out, it's only the second time Mara's coloured her hair (ever) so De Souza left the roots darker to create some depth, making it easier for her to adjust to the dramatic new shade. "She has so much hair that it would be overwhelming if it were that light from root to end," he says. He made sure she was armed with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner—and instructions to wash her hair as little as possible—before leaving the Andy LeCompte salon. 

Mara paired her new locks with Dior’s navy blue lace for their debut, but we can’t wait to see how she styles it on the string of red carpets in her near future. Who do you want to see reach for bleach next?