The Magic Nail Drops That Dried My Polish In 3 Minutes Flat

There seems to be some variation of Murphy’s Law that guarantees that my nails never dry smudge-free. I can focus on sitting as still as a statue, but something always foils me.  I will admit that most of the time, impatience is to blame, but sometimes the odds just work against me.  How could I have ever anticipated my dog would decide to sit on my toes, promptly removing all polish like a giant cotton ball? (I guess the fact that she actually looks like a giant cotton ball should have been a tip off, but hindsight is 20/20.)

I decided I should no longer live in fear of smudged polish, which is where Julep’s Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops ($14) came in.  This product is aptly named, as it is truly worthy of it’s own magic show. After applying your normal nail polish, add a drop or two to each nail, and your polish dries almost instantly.  When I checked my nails a few minutes later (three, to be exact), they were as hard as if I’d holding them up next to a fan for the past hour.  Even when I pressed down, no polish budged. There was no vicious cycle of attempting to touch up my nails and then quickly damaging the others in the process.  Instead I was able to resume all normal activity, which made me, and my dog, very happy.