My 3-Minute Solution to Fading Hair Colour

About 80 per cent of my days, I struggle between thinking you need to get your highlights redone, and that sounds like a lot of work. Given my love of bright blond locks and my laziness when it comes to colour maintenance, it’s no surprise that my shower is filled with purple toning shampoos and hair-lightening conditioners. So when I stumbled across John Frieda’s Colour Refreshing Gloss ($11), I knew it was coming home with me.

The idea of hair glosses (perhaps you know them as glazes) is nothing new, but typically they’re done in the salon to revive your colour in between appointments. The at-home versions I’ve tried before have been clear glosses, ones that are designed to work for all hair colours. What makes John Frieda’s version different is that it comes in six different shades—not just blond, brunette, and red, but cool and warm varieties for each.

I opted for Cool Blonde, which promises to neutralise brassiness and brighten highlights. The product is incredibly easy to use. After shampooing and conditioning, you just spread the gel through your hair and let it sit for three minutes. Once my hair was dry, the colour looked noticeably brighter, and the warmth I had been noticing at my roots was toned down. (As a blonde who loathes detecting any semblance of warmth in her hair, I can assure you using the term “toned down” is high praise.)

This product is just a gloss, not a dye—it won’t magically restore your brassy, lacklustre strands to its freshly-coloured glory. But I’m onboard for anything that will help my hair look a little brighter between salon visits.


Have you tried any at-home hair colour glosses before? Share your experiences in the comments below!