The #1 Way to Stop Jet Lag, by Businesswomen Who Know


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If you've ever suffered from jet lag, you'll know it's the absolute worst. Once you've reached your destination, either you'll end up waking up early every morning and falling asleep about 9 p.m. (hello, grandma) or you feel tired all day, only to be completely awake come 1 a.m. (a total nightmare, we're sure you'll agree). Quite honestly, having suffered through this torture more than a few times, I've still not managed to pin down exactly what I need to do to avoid it.

For this reason, I thought it would be wise to call on various frequent-flying businesswomen and tap into their knowledge and advice on how they cope with it. From women in the music industry to those who actually work in the travel sector, as well as some friends in the media, there were plenty of tricks that I will now be apply to my next long haul and which I urge you to as well. Now, there was one big tip in particular, which although obvious, is something everyone recommended.

Find out what it is, plus keep scrolling for other incredible tips on how to avoid jet lag.