Jessica Alba's Makeup Artist Uses This £6 Eye Product to Hide Blemishes


Getty/Jesse Grant

I remember my first spot. I was in seventh grade, and just like a YA novel, I woke up on picture day with a blemish right on my nose. I almost had to laugh at the irony—a spot on picture day? I couldn't be that unlucky. But I was, and now that spot will live in infamy in the West Middle School yearbook.

That morning, I reached for my mum's foundation—which was way too dark for my own skin tone—to try and hide it, but there was no disguising this Rudolph moment. Concealer wasn't quite a thing yet, so I was left with whatever I could sneak out of my mum's makeup drawer. If only I had a quick fix to make the situation a little less painful (emotionally and physically).

Then today, I was given an amazing piece of spot-hiding advice that I wish my seventh-grade self knew. Daniel Martin, makeup artist to celebs like Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo, told me that his genius secret weapon for covering up a spot pre-makeup application is actually an eye product. The heavy artillery in question? Nyx's Proof It Eyeshadow Primer (£6).

"It's like glue," Martin tells us, almost in disbelief himself that such an affordable product can virtually disguise any breakout underneath foundation. Even if the skin is broken, it will still seal it up and no one will be the wiser. The primer has a paste-like consistency that completely covers a breakout, smoothing out the area to hide the peaks and valleys of a spot. (Just be sure to take care of the area and clean it well and treat it every night so as not to make matters worse). So next time we're plagued with a big shiner right before an event (or, eh hem, before getting our picture taken), we know what to do.