Jessica Alba's Company Launched a Surprising New Line

Ladies, get ready for a whole new way to take care of your monthly gift.

Jessica Alba’s healthy lifestyle brand, The Honest Company, has just introduced a new stock of products to its personal care line: organic cotton pads, tampons, and liners! There is finally an environmentally friendly way to deal with your monthly friend.

For our girls who favour a synthetic-free option, there are The Honest Company’s 100% organic cotton tampons. They have a compact, plant-based applicator and are designed to gently expand width-wise for a natural, secure fit and enhanced leak protection; they also contain eight specialised grooves that regulate even expansion and improve absorption. There’s also an applicator-free version. Not a tampon girl? Not a problem. The Honest Company also created soft organic cotton pads! The pads are ultra thin and super absorbent, so you can (excuse the pun) go with the flow!

Plant-based and 100% organic with ultimate comfort and leak protection? What more could a girl want from her feminine products? The Honest feminine care line launches today, so there’s no need to wait before snagging these amazing new products! And did we mention how cute the packaging is? Let’s just say that you’ll be proud to display this box in your bathroom. So treat yourself to these revolutionary pads and tampons, because periods are much more than punctuation.  

Scroll through for a first look at the new products!