14 Times Jessica Alba Schooled Us in Great Hair

Can we just talk about Jessica Alba's hair? While "perfect" and "ombré" tend to be the first words that spring to mind, she's actually way more experimental with her look than you might think. It's hard to envisage her with anything other than that utterly dreamy balayage, but trust us, the rest of her hair portfolio is not to be forgotten.

Jessica is something of a braid aficionado, a firm proponent of the high pony, and has one of those face shapes that can pull off a fringe and sans-fringe style, no problem. We've got proof. Between the hyper-permed look of her Honey days and the toffee-toned dip-dye that's become her staple, she's played with colour, length, style and accessories, both on and off the red carpet.

To refresh your memory, we've rounded up 14 of Jessica's very best hair moments. Keep scrolling and click through our gallery to see the cuts and colours that made the, um, cut.