Jessica Alba Reveals the One Beauty Mistake She Regrets

There's nothing we love more than finding out a celebrity is just like us (i.e. they can get it wrong, too). In a recent interview, Jessica Alba legit revealed that she used to use "a foundation stick and just rub it all over my face, and then I would break out." We've all been there, Jessica. 

Speaking to Allure, the A-lister continued to say that she wishes she'd learned about "no-makeup makeup" earlier, as she didn't discover that until she was in her early 20s. In a bid to cover up the breakouts caused by her over-zealous foundation use, she also admits how she "would wear more makeup to cover the breakout." Again, been there, done that, worn the orange-stained T-shirt.

As she so rightly puts it, however, the trick to wearing foundation that doesn't look bad is having great skin in the first place and making sure you look after it correctly. Amen to that.

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Todd Williamson/Getty Images

While Jessica Alba might be one of the most beautiful and successful Hollywood A-listers around, and not just because of her films but because of her beauty brand Honest, she still recognises that she's made a few mistakes along the way. 

On the topic of tattoos she gives some sage advice, suggesting that it's wise to consider if you'll really want that same inking in years to come, saying how different you are in your 20s to when you're in your late 30s. She admitted that she has a few tattoos but "I'm not into them now the way that I was."

But perhaps one of the best tips she gives us? The important matter of eyebrows and not overplucking. 

"I got really excited about hair removal when I started shaving. I plucked the crap out of my eyebrows. I wouldn't recommend [doing] that because it really is hard for your hair to grow back, if it ever does."

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