To Celebrate J.Lo's Birthday, Let's Take a Look at Her Top Beauty Secrets


Steve Granitz/Getty Images

In the short list of celebrities seemingly poised for world domination, Jennifer Lopez’s name falls near the top. Breezing past the “triple threat” moniker long ago and now eschewed firmly in the multihyphenate club, the singer, dancer, actress, designer, producer—we’ll stop there for brevity’s sake—is an icon in every sense of the word. After all, what other three letter word quickens more heartbeats and stirs up more ardent adoration than “J.Lo”? The answer is none. None at all.

And she’s equally as iconic in the beauty sphere too. Not only has she provided the motive and inspiration for millions of haircuts worldwide, but she’s also the original definition of beauty’s favourite buzzword: glow. Not to mention that she’s created many of the scents that have seen us through our teens and beyond.

So how does she do it? Well, we were lucky enough to catch up with Lopez to ask all of her beauty secrets. Keep reading to find out more.