I Trained With Jennifer Lawrence's PT—and This Is What I Learnt

Scheduling a PT session with Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer when I haven’t been to the gym in months was, admittedly, probably not my best idea. I have used every excuse in the book to get out of going to the gym lately: new job, moving house, tiredness, new job (did I mention that?). It’s ridiculous because I really enjoy exercise; I’m a qualified personal trainer for goodness sake. But it just goes to show that it’s easy to get out of a routine, despite your best intentions, and once you’re out of the swing of things it’s hard to get going again. Life and excuses get in the way.

So to say I was a little nervous about training with Dalton Wong (who also trains Kit “Jon Snow” Harington) was an understatement. I had visions of keeling over in the cobbled street outside Twenty Two Training like one of the victims in The Hunger Games, the same cobbled street where I envisage Jennifer Lawrence beasts the lunges Wong makes her do there. The funny thing is, Twenty Two Training is discreetly tucked off a busy street near Gloucester Road tube, but it’s not at all intimidating, rather it feels homely.

“Come up!” Wong yelled to me after he’d buzzed me in. Straight away he thrust a glass of what looked like green pond water into my hand (it was water laced with minty-tasting, alkalizing, chlorophyll supplement), and we were back downstairs ready to train. The crazy thing is that since my session with Wong last week I have been to my own gym twice.

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Getty/Steve Granitz/Contributor

Wong is incredibly friendly and chatty—we talk about everything from work to holidays but the chatting doesn’t take away from the exercise. I’m not allowed to hang around. We start with a warm-up routine of stretches on the floor to get me primed for the workout (at this point, I still had no idea what the workout would be like). “I don’t like to ruin my clients,” Wong tells me. “I want you to leave here and still have the energy to be able to get on with your day.” I like the sound of that.

Wong’s aim with all his clients is to get them doing functional training, and by that he means working on areas of weakness, so you can be better at life. His aim with Lawrence was to get her fit enough for the demanding schedule and action scenes in the Hunger Games franchise; another aim for a lot of his star clients is to ensure they look poised on the red carpet and at events. This leads me nicely onto the first thing I learnt from Wong…