I Just Figured Out Why Jennifer Lawrence Suits Every Type of Hair Colour

There are many mysteries in life that we haven't been able to solve, but one of them that's often weighed on our minds has to be Jennifer Lawrence's hair. Yes, that might sound extreme, but hear us out. The Oscar-winning actress has changed up her tresses so many times that we sometimes even forget she wore certain looks. Like that time she had dark hair for Silver Linings Playbook. Or when she chopped all her hair off after filming The Hunger Games. Not to mention all the different iterations of blonde she's tried out.




So what's her trick to looking so incredible with any type of hair length and colour? It just so happens it's nothing to do with her hair, but rather her makeup. We spoke to makeup artist Neil Young about what she does to ensure her overall look is impeccable every time.

What Young told us took us by surprise. Essentially, Lawrence's looks fall into one of two categories: beachy-blonde highlighted tones, and dark or platinum blonde. When you have a lot of different colours and tones throughout the hair, you can go for softer makeup, but when you have a bold one-colour look, such as with a brunette or a platinum, you need to be more graphic with your makeup.

Click through our gallery for our picks of the best J.Law looks and why they work for her.

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