7 Cool-Girl Beauty Tricks We Learnt From Jenna Coleman

We love a new muse to give us incredible makeup and hair ideas. That title currently belongs to former Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman. The actress has since gone on to play Queen Victoria in Victoria (Series 2 is on tonight, just FYI), and we can't stop admiring her classic beauty style. Not only does she have incredible skin, but she also manages to take hardcore trends, such as red eye shadow, and make them look totally wearable and accessible. But there's more than that.

Whether she's wearing a brown smoky eye, a deep-purple lip or just a loose wave in her hair, we have to say that Coleman nails it every time—from attending red carpet events to fashion shows. To help us illustrate this point, we've selected seven of our favourite recent images of the star and the beauty rules we've learnt from her. We're also including some of the best products to re-create these looks, too, because we got you. Click through our gallery below for some serious beauty inspo.