Jeanne Damas on Nailing Effortless French-Girl Hair and a Signature Red Lip

For those who aren’t familiar with Jeanne Damas, she is a Parisian-born blogger who’s amassed such a following that she now has her own fashion line called Rouje. If you are as obsessed as we are by the idea of French women, well, Damas epitomises that. She is a puzzle of personalities; she has an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude but is warm and elegant at the same time. Damas is eloquent even when she’s not speaking her native tongue. Oh, and did we mention that she’s gorgeous?

When I think of Damas, I think of her pillowy, pouty red lips, so it’s little surprise that her first move away from fashion would be toward beauty. Today, Damas has launched four lipsticks and a lipstick palette that encapsulates all the French-girl shades. Rouje’s lipsticks encourage the user to apply the product with the fingers—something Damas does herself. This instantly gives you that blurred, stained effect that’s so damn sultry.

The line contains shades such as a rosy nude (Emilie), a rich deep red (Lamia), a warm brown (Camille) and a true red (called Jeanne, of course). Last week, in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, I met with Damas in a little room upstairs in Balthazaar. It had décor that wouldn’t have looked out of place in 1920s Paris, which is most likely why she chose it. The new beauty line with its etched gold packaging has a timeless quality.

I spent my time chatting with Damas, trying to soak up as much je ne sais quoi as I could. Not only that, but I also discovered a new makeup look I’m now dying to try and the best places to shop for beauty in Paris. Plus, she shared with me the secret to her perfect, effortless hair…