9 Calming Japanese Words That Will Immediately Turn a Stressful Day Around


Fred Perry

You're versed in the Danish art of hygge; you've long since KonMari-ed your apartment. Needless to say, our collective, ever-growing obsession with wellness knows no bounds—these days, we're importing self-improvement strategies from across the globe.

That's probably because we recognise that we have a lot to learn in this respect, particularly from cultures who perfected their wellness traditions centuries ago. And those of us who struggle to find peace and mindfulness in a world that moves at breakneck pace could definitely stand to look toward the Japanese way of life as the ultimate inspiration for balance.

That marriage of tradition and the modern world is essentially the MO behind Tatcha, the cult-fave Japanese skincare brand (which might as well have a permanent place in Byrdie's nonexistent Beauty Hall of Fame). By crafting beautiful formulas that work hard but make the ritual of skincare all the more calming and delightful, founder Victoria Tsai seeks to prove that mindfulness and multitasking aren't necessarily mutually exclusive things. Tatcha's products are relaxing and steeped in Japanese tradition, but they're also highly efficient—a winning combination for the busy modern woman.

So with this philosophy in mind, Tsai was happy to reveal a series of simple Japanese concepts that just might inspire you to live your best life ever—if not at least get you through the rest of your work week. Keep reading for nine Japanese strategies to staying centred, no matter how crowded the week's agenda is already looking.