Do You Always Make These New Year Health Mistakes?



The season of "New Year, new me" is upon us, and it's the time of year when self-growth, development and goal-setting are the main topics of conversation, especially if they're health- and diet-related. We've all been there… We raid our cupboards January 1, throw everything out, and commit to a year of drastic health changes. Then February begins, we give it all up, succumb to overwhelming guilt, and the cycle starts again.

"We assume that if we want to make big changes to our health, we have to suffer for it," says lifestyle behaviour change specialist Heather McKee. "When we set our New Year's goals, we become really motivated, we promise to go to the gym every day, cut down sugar, cigarettes… The list goes on. Pursuing all these goals at onc, tends to put us under unnecessary pressure where we feel we have to make so many changes and do them perfectly without any slip-ups."

If you want goals that will become part of your lifestyle rather than seasonal, read on for tips on how to avoid making these common New Year health mistakes.