We're Stealing Jamie Chung's Secret to Perfect Eyeliner

On-point style and beauty: Jamie Chung has both in spades. Which is why whenever she offers up advice regarding either, we take notes.

Last spring, the actress told us one of her secrets to getting her winged liner just right, and as if it weren't genius enough, now she's doing us one better: This week, she revealed even more cat-eye hacks to Allureexplaining her perfect technique for monolids. "Start the line inside the eye; the thinner the better (you can always add more later)," she explains. "Draw all the way to the end of your lash line. Then add a little cat eye just beyond the top lash line—just a little wing. I always tilt my head back to make sure the base of the liner is all the way into my lash line." 

And as for how she keeps herself looking so fresh-faced in general? Chung names exfoliation and full brows as key players in her youthful glow. "Fuller eyebrows make you look younger," she explains (hear, hear). "I love using Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Kit ($38)."

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