A Hydrating Face Mask That Gives a Sun-Kissed Glow? Yep, It Exists!

The options for a seamless self-tan just keep getting better. First we introduced you to sunless tanning body oil, and now we’re delighted to present the latest stateside arrival from James Read, the U.K. line of advanced sunless tanning products. Hold onto your seats, because their Sleep Mask Tan ($43) is a hydrating face mask you apply before bed for a touch of colour and softer skin.

How does it work? After you wash or exfoliate your face, apply a dime-size amount of the serum-like mask all over your face and neck. Wash your hands thoroughly and turn in for the night—it’s that easy. In the morning your skin will be left with hydrated, with a subtle glow.

But the best part? It doesn’t smell like a normal self-tanner. We’re not sure how they covered the telltale smell of DHA (the active ingredient in all self-tanners), but it is remarkable. Plus, it has nourishing ingredients like red algea and hyaluronic acid. We’re sold.