Exclusive: 4 Stunning Summer Hair Ideas With Jaime King

“Anyone who knows me knows that I do it all,” Jaime King says matter-of-factly on the set of her Byrdie feature shoot. Lest you think she’s talking about her Wonder Woman-esque ability to multi-task (she has a lead role on the hit CW show Hart of Dixie, has graced the pages of Vogue and walked the runways of Dior, and is a doting mother to her one year old son, James), allow us to clarify: what she’s referring to her chameleon-like beauty style. “I can be very androgynous, very feminine, very edgy…I’m always changing the way I look.” A quick glance at her hair history proves it’s true: her blonde locks have been dip-dyed blue, glossed with red, chopped into a piecey lob, grown out and dyed chestnut brown…all pulled off with her inherent model-esque grace, of course.

With this in mind, we made the focus of the shoot her (at-the-moment) naturally blonde locks. Hairstylist Rob Talty braided, bunned, and sprayed her hair to create four breezy summer styles, while makeup artist Georgie Eisdell gave her a fresh take on the term “golden goddess” with shimmery, peachy, and pink tones. “I’m very fair-skinned,” King says. “I know that everyone thinks ‘summer’ and immediately pictures tan and beautiful, but not everyone can pile on the bronzer—I love the idea of creating a different kind of beauty look for summer!”


Click through our slideshow to see how King shows off a softer side of summer beauty!