These Scissors Could Solve All of Your Hair Problems

We’ve fallen victim to split ends more times than we’d like to admit (sometimes even four-way and five-way splits). When the ends of our strands begin branching out like trees, to the serums and hair masks we run. For times when no hair product can ameliorate our poor, brittle ends, it seems like only a trim will do. But even after a trim, we often return to the vicious cycle of damaged hair. What’s a girl to do?

Enter: The Jaguar Thermocut System ($610). These heated shears utilise their hot temperature (up to 310 degrees) to help seal the cuticle after you trim, which cuts down on frizz and dryness from damaging environmental factors. While it won’t prevent split ends permanently, it’ll help your cut look fresh and your ends neat for weeks to come—or at least until your next hair appointment.

New York City hair-stylist Arsen Gurgov of the Louis Licari salon tells Allure that ultimately, the hot scissors are worth it: “The difference the client will feel is in the end result.” He recommends them most for people with fine and frizzy hair because they help polish straggly ends, making for a smoother, more voluminous cut.

While it’s true you can purchase these (pricey) shears online, it’s best to leave them in the hands of the professionals (would you want to cut your own hair, anyway?). However, at Gurgov’s salon, a cut with the Jaguar will still tack an extra $125 to your chop, so we'll probably save this service for times when we really want a treat.

If you’re looking for an economic remedy for split ends, we recommend sudsing up your strands with Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Leave-In Crème ($22) for a smooth, healthy head of hair.

For more in "hot" hair trends, check out this post on the Brazilian treatment, ValeterapiaWould you ever try a thermal treatment for split ends? Tell us in the comments!