The Secret to a J. Crew Model's Glow, Revealed

With executive creative director Jenna Lyons at the helm, J.Crew has established a signature beauty look that can best be described “undone polish”—and anyone who’s ever opened the line’s glossy catalogue would agree. The models’ berry-tinged lips, tousled hair, and of course, luminous skin have become synonymous with the line’s sleek silhouettes and peppy prints. And now, for the first time ever, the secret to their “no-makeup” makeup look has been revealed: Rose-Marie Swift, or rather, her all-natural makeup line, RMS Beauty. “To create our signature dewy look, we dab [RMS Beauty’s] Living Luminizer along the cheekbone, brow line and bow of the lips,” says J.Crew women’s stylist, Gayle Spannaus. “It’s amazing—the models look like they are lit from within.”


Other products from the organic line include the Lip2Cheek ($36), a subtle lip and cheek stain, and Lip Shine ($25), a moisturizing balm. All three products can be purchased online on the J.Crew website and—we recommend stocking up before the secret gets out.


[Well + Good NYC]