It's Skin Is The Brand That Convinced Me To Give K-Beauty Another Chance

Confession time: I never really got into K-Beauty. My beauty routine is way too time-consuming as it is to add even more steps to it. I've dabbled here and there as I'm a sucker for cute packaging and a sheet mask, but I'm yet to find a brand to convince me. 

When beauty insider fave BeautyMART (who are well-known for having crystal ball like vision for spotting trends) launched Korean brand It's Skin a few years ago, I was intrigued. The cult Cookie & Hand Cream became one of my desk staples and It's Skin have recently caught my attention again.

A testament to the power of K-Beauty and proof that the brand delivers skincare results as well as inspired packaging, It's Skin have made their way onto the high street with their range of sheet masks and serums just launching at Boots. Not only that but one of their Power 10 serums sell every 7 seconds worldwide!

With all this said and the fact that the hand cream made me very happy, I thought I'd try out the rest of the It's Skin range to see if the skincare could deliver results and convince me to give Korean beauty another shot.