The Leave-In Spray That Saved My Hair at Coachella

If you lighten your hair on a regular basis, you’re probably well aware of the struggle to keep your strands healthy and vibrant in the summer. I normally stick to a little oil on the ends of my locks, which keeps my hair hydrated, but doesn’t prevent or camouflage the dreaded brassy tone summer can bring.

On day three of Coachella, when my hair was particularly dry and unruly, I borrowed a friend’s It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In for Blondes ($19). I applied the creamy, purple-tinted formula all over my just-washed hair and combed through before heading to the festival. Much to my surprise, I ended up with air-dried hair that looked like it had been professionally styled. Seriously, this seemingly-average leave-in detangles, and makes hair glossy and smooth. It turns out it also protects hair from UV rays and is a thermal protectant for the days you do blow-dry. Needless to say, I found love in an unlikely place.